The aim of Emilen Audio is really very simple: To design and build top quality audio products based on sound engineering.

Equinox Line

To describe the sound quality of this amplifier is missing the point – the intention is to have no sound, just an open channel for the audio signal so that the listener can get as close to the original performance as possible.

Equinox MC Phono Stage

From ghostly silences to stunning dynamics, this reference level phono stage allows the finest moving coil cartridges to show off their best.

Providing a wide-open doorway into the realms of vinyl magic, it retrieves amazing detail without ever fatiguing the listener.


The D-Block may be small but it houses some seriously tough muscle.

Wrapped up in solitary confinement, this mono Class-D amplifier is a seriously cool contender.

If you want a refined power amplifier that takes no prisoners, give D-Block a visit.

Interconnect Cables

Just like our other products, our interconnect cables are wide open and transparent.

These are not suitable for system tuning as they do not have “a sound”. In other words, they will not hide problems in other parts of a system.

However, if you have top quality system components, these interconnects will allow you hear them at their best.

ES-1 Reference

The ES-1 Reference was originally designed to provide us with a no-compromise loudspeaker. This enables us to rigorously audition our products without the uncertainties or limitations of commercially available loudspeakers.

The response from people visiting our listening room has been so positive that we now supply the loudspeaker on a built to order basis.