About Us

The ethos of Emilen Audio is very simple:

To design and build top quality products based on sound engineering principles.

Our aim is to get our customers as close to the recorded music as possible, this being the true meaning of high-fidelity.

We do not tailor the sound of our equipment to have a particular sound, rather it allows the listener to hear the sound which the artist and production team intended.

We do not stop at first class sound quality. We also take immense pride in the build quality of our products.

Emilen Audio was founded by John Standen who has experience in hi-fi and studio equipment design dating back to the 1980s.

Two of the amplifiers offered by Emilen Audio are developments of the original Equinox Audio products which were reviewed by the late John Bamford and featured in Hi-Fi Choice’s “The Collection” edition back in 1991.