Equinox Line Pre-Amplifier

Our line pre-amplifier is inspired by the original Equinox design from the early 1990s which received excellent reviews and is still in use by audiophiles today thanks to its superb build quality.

The same approach has been followed in our new design which employs substantial improvements to provide a British-built product of the absolute highest quality.

The Equinox Line Pre-Amplifier is a statement of how pure an analogue pre-amplifier can be.

Optimised Signal Paths

The amplifier uses a dual mono topology to ensure that the signal paths of each channel are identical and as short as technically possible.

This approach means that the signal paths for each channel can take a direct route from input to output without any unnecessary routing around the amplifier.

The signal paths are so optimised that the non-headphone signals never stray more than 40mm from the inside of the rear panel.

Digital Attenuator

The Equinox pre-amplifier uses a high performance digitally controlled analogue attenuator in each mono amplifier channel for controlling signal gain. This provides a far cleaner method of attenuation than is possible with a potentiometer and allows the ultra-short signal path philosophy to be fully implemented.

The motor driven volume and balance controls on the front panel do not carry audio signals, they only provide control inputs to the microcontroller which then sends the required data to the attenuator circuitry when a control change is made.

High Current Drive Outputs

Each channel has two line outputs to allow for simple bi-amping. These have independent driver circuits to ensure that each output is driven optimally.

The driver circuits are identical to the headphone driver so that they can drive any cable load effortlessly.