Interconnect Cable


We have not given our Interconnect Cable a fancy name because we are not planning to make alternative designs.

This is how we believe an interconnect cable should be constructed for the best performance, therefore we cannot make a better one and we will certainly not make an inferior one.

Construction of the cable is coaxial as this provides the most effective screening for the unbalanced signal core.

The inner conductor is multistrand silver plated copper with PTFE insulation. Our cable uses a heavy gauge wire to keep series resistance and inductance low.

PTFE is the highest performing cable dielectric. It is also the most expensive but the low levels of dielectric absorption it provides make it the only serious choice for an interconnect cable feeding a high impedance load.

The outer conductor is a low resistance copper braid which helps to keep the source and load amplifiers at the same potential.

Stray capacitance is reduced by spacing the inner and outer conductors further apart by an additional layer of PTFE tubing.

The phono connectors used in the cable were selected after testing many makes and types. They offer very low contact resistance and an excellent termination method which works very well with our materials and construction methods. Interestingly they are made by the same company as the phono connectors we use in our high-end amplifiers.