Born from the love of music

The ethos of Emilen Audio is very simple: To design and build top quality products based on sound engineering principles.

Our aim is to get our customers as close to the recorded music as possible, this being the true meaning of high-fidelity.

We do not tailor the sound of our equipment to have a particular sound, rather it allows the listener to hear the sound which the artist and production team intended.

We do not stop at first class sound quality, we also take immense pride in how we hand build our products to the highest standard.

Equinox Line Pre-Amplifier

To describe the sound quality of this amplifier is missing the point – the intention is to have no sound, just an open channel for the audio signal so the listener can get as close to the original performance as possible.

Equinox MC Phono Stage

From ghostly silences to stunning dynamics, this reference level phono stage allows the finest moving coil cartridges to show off their best.

Providing a wide-open doorway into the realms of vinyl magic, it retrieves amazing detail without ever fatiguing the listener.

Solstice Phono Stage

This phono stage shares many technical features with our reference Equinox design.

It adds a moving magnet input and offers superb performance at a more affordable price point.


This monoblock power amplifier uses class D technology to provide superb sound quality with cool running. all wrapped up in a beautifully compact housing.

Filtered Mains Distribution & Shielded Cables

Any HiFi system benefits from being connected to a single ground point and a clean mains supply.

Our filtered mains distribution unit and screened mains cables provide an elegant method of powering and grounding your system in a technically correct way.